Once Upon A Time...
Five Sixteen Creative first began in the fall of 2012, though it existed under a different name at the time. In fact, Five Sixteen Creative has been reincarnated via name change many times. The original name was Cinnamon Design Studio and quite honestly, I couldn't tell you why it was. I guess the simplest answer is that I thought it was cute. I first began selling my illustrations under that name on Etsy in November 2012. At some point, and I'm not exactly sure when, I grew tired of that name and rebranded as Emily Ann Design Studio. Two other name changes followed—Emily Reece Designs and South Street Creative—before I finally settled on a long term name. Using my married name, my ever-changing business became Emily Peterson Studio and had a good and solid three year run.

Though my business had become a sort of revolving door of names, my goal had always remained the same: to offer high quality and affordable clipart and digital papers. Nothing made me happier than seeing a happy customer post a picture of the items they created using my artwork. Over the years I got to see my artwork used on invitations, party supplies, stickers, coloring pages and even turned into actual cookie cutters! From 2012 until 2018 I only sold PNG clipart files and JPEG digital paper files. I was ready to expand my business to SVG cut files and that began in the summer of 2018 when I bought my first Cricut. After familiarizing myself with the machine, I felt comfortable enough to start selling my new cut files. Later that year, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, a little girl named Eleanor who was born a month early on May 16th, 2019. Shortly after her birth, I began drifting away from my business, lost in motherhood. About two months before she turned a year old, I had a sudden renewed interest for my business and a strong urge to rebrand.

Honoring my daughter by incorporating her into my business somehow was the goal. After much consideration, I settled on using her birthdate in the name and 516 Creative became the newest incarnation of my nearly decade old business. Because I can get obsessive about things, I began worrying that people were mispronouncing the name as Five One Six or Five Hundred Sixteen. This ate at me for a year until I decided to formally switch to Five Sixteen Creative. While it was a new username for my online shops and social media accounts, it wasn't that big of a change but it did require a new logo design. My husband and I had learned in January 2021 that our daughter had a genetic condition called Turner Syndrome and the unofficial "mascot" for it is a butterfly. Because I am so incredibly proud of my little butterfly and how strong she's been through all of what she's had to endure because of challenges related to Turner Syndrome, I wanted to further honor her by incorporating a butterfly in my logo design. Seeing that butterfly logo with Five Sixteen Creative as the name brings a smile to my face and this is truly the most content I've felt ever with my business since it first began. Thought my daughter was born many, many years after I first began my business, she is now what keeps me inspired to keep going and to offer the graphic designs I can that hopefully bring others happiness and creativity.

If you've been with me since the beginning, thank you.

If you're new and checking me out for the first time, thank you.

I truly hope you enjoy my work.